Know more about secret tips to design your bedroom in a better way!

Know more about secret tips to design your bedroom in a better way!

We spend around a third of our life sleeping. But not all of us spend this one-third of the time with quality. The reason? Poor quality sleeping arrangement! Good sleep throughout the night has the same ability as having good nutritious food throughout the day. This is why some people spend a good amount of money and time shaping their bedroom towards goodness. Says Radvi, Interior Design Company in India works through some designing fundamentals while designing a home. You need to Know More about these things. But, before this, here are some expert tips to help you design your bedroom towards perfection. It will help you have a good quality sleep and a good quality life at last.

The secret to a good quality bedroom lies in its design.

Expert tips on how to design your bedroom for better sleep!

Before we move into the answer on how to design your bedroom, it is necessary to know a few things about how sleep works in humans. It will help you understand why the best interior designers in India design the bedroom in a certain way.

1 – The human sleep cycle!

As per the studies done by scientists, human sleep goes through a cycle. One cycle usually remains of around 90 minutes and includes deep sleep and REM. REM is the stage where we dream. In the beginning, the duration of REM stays less and deep sleep prevails. But with the passing of hours, we start to have more dreams and less deep sleep.

Scientists say that our sleep cycle gets triggered by the amount of light around us. It has been for millions of years. We have evolved in such a way. With the rise of the sun we wake up and with its fall we sleep. This thing prevails in almost all the beings on Earth. Natural Light triggers the production of Serotonin in our brains. This hormone helps us feel energised and awake. As time starts passing by, the amount of Serotonin starts to decrease and that of Melatonin starts to increase. Our brains produce Melatonin in abundance when the sun starts to fall and darkness starts to spread around us. This hormone makes us feel drowsy and sleepy.

Light hinders the production of Melatonin in our body. This is the reason that scientists say to avoid using phones and screens at night. This is the reason that they ask to use low and warm light for night purposes.

When we use bright light at night, our brain gets confused if the sun is there or not. This leads to disruption of the sleep cycle and the release of hormones. It then leads to stress and chronic diseases.

Thus, interior designers work on ways to design the bedroom in such a way that it promotes healthy sleep. Says Radvi, any interior design company in India works on several elements to create a perfect environment for sleep. So, as now you know how sleep works, how do you design a bedroom?

2 – How to interior design a bedroom for better sleep?

The way to a better sleep goes through a well-designed bedroom. There are a few fundamentals that support the design of the bedroom –

  • Noise Control
  • Light Control
  • Distractions

Noise and light work on disrupting sleep and thus cause chronic illness. Too much of elements work on distracting the mind and thus hinder the sleep process. Studies have shown that fewer elements before eyes work on limiting the excitement in the neurons, which thus helps sleep. Interior Designers know these science facts as well as aesthetics.

So, here is how you design a bedroom.

2.1 – Practise minimalism around colours!

Using high contrast colours in the bedroom is not advised by the designers. High contrast excites the mind. Instead, any famous interior design company in India will tell you to use a monochromatic scheme with light-key and pastel or neutral tones. Radvi says that it induces a sense of calm in the mind. Pastel colours relax the mind. Go for cool pastel colours. Cool colours are – green, blue, lavender, and their shades.

Another thing you’d want to do is to not go for too many items in the bedroom. For example, do not use showy items, toys, sculptures, etc. in the bedroom. They will captivate the eyes and push the mind into thoughts.

2.2 – Choosing the right furniture!

Before buying the furniture for the bedroom, one needs to know more about how interior designing works. Different elements in the room interact with each other and create an experience. So, if you have a large bedroom, do not choose small furniture. You’ll feel small and it will induce terror. If you have a small room, do not choose large furniture – You’ll end up feeling imprisoned. The general advice is to go for the right balance.

Furthermore, if you like reading before going to sleep, get a nice table that will hold your lamp and some books. An ottoman usually works for those who have the habit of wearing their shoes in the bedroom before the office.

2.3 – Choose good quality sheets and mattresses!

This advice is what you’ll hear from most quality interior design companies. As we spend around one-third of our lives sleeping, it is logical to spend some money in good quality materials. Do not go for mattresses that are hard. If you suffer from back pain, go for memory foam or the orthopaedics ones.

When it comes to sheets and quilts, the suggestion is to go for high-quality linen. Choose 100% cotton or linen with a thread count of 350 or more — no less than this. Furthermore, send your sheets for professional quality washing. It will help you save the sheets, time, and elegance.

2.4 – Spend on good quality lights!

It might seem contrary because they say that light interrupts sleep. Then why would one want to spend money on lights? Well, because lights are necessary. What we mean is that have indirect lighting in your bedroom that uses cornices. Indirect lighting helps calm the eyes. Furthermore, have warm light instead of cool natural light. Warm light helps trigger the mind to release Melatonin. Install dimmers for every light you have in the room.

2.5 – Spend money on good drapes!

Most of us have the bedroom in corners where there is a direct view of the outside. In this case the good advice is to spend some money on windows and drapes. Have casement windows that can help you divert the air flow. Furthermore, you’d want to have louvre windows to help escape the rising warm air (if you live in a hotter climate zone). This will promote the natural cooling of the room. You may think about installing a natural ventilation system if your home is badly designed and you suffer from trapped air.

These are all the basics of how to design the bedroom for better sleep. When you plan it from the scratch, you must take the advice of the interior design experts. Radvi, Interior Design Company in India, is an expert in the field that handling everything related to real estate under one roof for over 3 decades. Know more about how it works and how it can help you to get the home of your dreams.