Tips To Boost Your Confidence For A First Date!

Tips To Boost Your Confidence For A First Date!

Going on a first date can be really nerve wracking, so if you’re looking for ways to build your confidence, you’re in the right place! Especially if you don’t date much, it can be difficult going into a new and different social situation, so with these tips hopefully you will feel more comfortable and settled. It’s completely normal to feel nervous so don’t forget that!

Wear An Outfit You Feel Confident In

The first thing you should do is wear an outfit you feel confident in. When you wear something that fits you well and makes you feel great, it instantly makes you glow and feel more confident. So, instead of wearing what you think you should wear on a date, wear what you want! For example, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress, go for jeans and nice corset tops instead. If you’re not a big heels person, don’t force yourself to wear them and feel awkward all night, instead wear some heeled boots, flat boots or sandals. You want to dress right for the place you’re going to of course and if you want to wear going out dresses or wedding guest dresses and heels then go for it, but you should also always wear something that makes you feel like yourself and naturally you’ll then feel more confident.

Head To The Gym

The day of your date, you will likely feel nervous and have a lot of built up energy, so something that can help you to unwind a bit is to head to the gym! Even if you don’t want to do a really strenuous workout, go and have a walk on the treadmill, have a good stretch or lift a few weights, or of course you can also go all out and do a big workout if you want to! This step can just help you to feel calm and confident, so consider a gym session the morning of your date before you head out and it can make a big difference to how you feel.

Do Something Relaxing Before The Date

As well as letting out some energy at the gym, try to do something relaxing before your date. Things like having a nice bath and pamper, reading your book, listening to your favourite album or doing some meditation can really help to clear your mind and calm you down a bit if you’re feeling nervous. You could also have a catch up with a friend to just get chatting and to put your mind at ease a bit. Again, it’s so normal to feel nervous before a first date as it’s something completely new, however, doing something familiar that relaxes you beforehand can really help.

Remember To Be Yourself

Last but not least, one of the things you should do to help you feel confident is to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not or put on a pretence, as you will naturally feel on edge and struggle to just relax and enjoy yourself. From the beginning, be unapologetically you and simply talk about your passions and what you enjoy.