Who to call when you have fire damage at your home or business

Who to call when you have fire damage at your home or business

Fire damage can be devastating to a property and the sooner it is remediated, the less costly the total repair cost will be. Fire damage remediation is a multi-step process best left to professional fire damage restoration specialists who are IICRC certified in fire damage, smoke and soot damage remediation, fire suppression, and wet/dry inspection. After a fire, usually there will also be smoke damage, re-growth of moisture, soot and water damage and possibly more structural damage, which can cause more extensive damage to your property or business if left for too long without proper action. Contact Property Rx Orlando for all your disaster repair needs.

In the aftermath of a fire damage the work is fast paced and arduous but well worth the effort as you will not only restore your property to normal functioning but will also save or recover money that was lost due to repairs and lost time. The fire damage restoration industry is one that requires a great deal of dedication, professionalism, skill and experience from a highly skilled team of restoration professionals. It is the restoration industry’s version of the Olympics – you have the best but it’s a world of warring professionals.

Restoration companies and contractors offer a wide range of fire damage repair services from total clean up to minor damage control like superficial soot or smoke damage. Fire restoration services may include the full cleaning of the affected building structure including gutters, plumbing fixtures, carpets, furniture and electrical wiring. Some companies may offer complete re-stamping and re-wiring of appliances such as washing machines, dryers, heating systems and electrical lighting and insulation. Other companies may offer content cleaning and damage recovery services including superficial surface cleaning to remove debris like soot, dust and soiled portions of carpet, wooden floors and laminate and vinyl flooring.

The scope of fire damage restoration services goes much farther than the total surface cleaning or soot removal. Restoration companies may re-stamp damaged wood and refinished wood or fix cracks in wallboard and flooring using modern fireproofing techniques. They may re-floor and/or install carpets and installing custom carpets may be required. Some companies even offer smoke damage remediation services. In essence, you will find a wide range of options when you contact a reputable fire damage repair service.

You may wonder if smoke damage remediation services are an appropriate choice for a fire damage cleanup job. Well, think about it. In the case of soot damage cleanup, you can use special smoke cleaners and deodorizers to eliminate the smell. If you do not have these products on hand, you can use fans and heat sources to eliminate the smell on your own.

Water mitigation is another option that fire restoration professionals offer. In the case of flooding, water can sneak up on a structure through holes or gaps in the walls. Fire restoration professionals can use pumps to remove excess water and absorbent material to help prevent further damage. With regards to water mitigation, you will want to contact the homeowner’s association at the property you are working on to make sure there are no underground gas, oil or other fluids that might pose a safety risk to your crew. As a reminder, all these services are done after the property has been declared safe by a professional water mitigation company.